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Sunlight Mountain Resort

Sunlight Mountain Resort is our local ski mountain; with ski runs ranging from beginner to expert, snow mobile tours, ski lessons, food and lodging all at an affordable price. The excellent Sunlight Mountain Resort Staff is always more than happy to help you with whatever your needs may be. And when your ski day is over, you can relax in the lodge and enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa or maybe even a brew or two. Located up Four Mile Rd., this is a great, convenient place to take the whole family.

So come on up to Sunlight Mountain Resort and Ski The Light!!

For more information about Sunlight Mountain Resort please visit www.sunlightmtn.com or call (970) 945-7491

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As The Seasons Change...

As the seasons change, many restaurant hours will be changing, along with the rafting company's slowing to a close as the river lowers. The Glenwood Caverns will also close and the traffic on the bike paths will all but disappear. Soon it will be winter and the ski mountains will open and the streets will be filled with snow and Christmas lights. So now is the time to go out and enjoy the last of this beautiful weather. The leaves are starting to change colors up in the high mountains making this the perfect time to go out, take a drive up some desolate road and enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer.



Penny Hot Springs

The Penny Hot Springs is a great locals spot located just before the 55 mile marker on highway 133 towards Marble and Redstone. This small natural hot spring is perfectly located in a uniquely picturesque setting directly in front of Hog Back Mountain. A short drive from Carbondale this one of a kind hangout is a great place to meet casual adult locals.
With a very relaxed setting this is not a place for kids to be running and splashing around. The Penny Hot Springs is a great place to go on a date or just to chat with some cool people. This hot spring truly does remind you of the natural beauty of Colorado.
Open year round this hot spring can also makes for a great spot to go in the winter. But don’t forget to bring your towel because it’s cold when you get out!

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Menus & Reviews

August 20, 2009

Roaringfork.bz is happy to announce the Menus & Reviews page located above on the navigation bar. The purpose for the menu page is so you can log on and browse the local eateries. Also, learn a bit more about what they have to offer on their menus by checking out our library. This will also be very handy if you would like to make an order to go.

Reviews are given once a week for one restaurant in the Roaring Fork Valley. We are open to all restaurants but we will only give reviews of restaurants we think are worthy of writing about. So, if we write about your establishment that is a compliment all in its self. Remember, these reviews are our opinions you may think differently and that’s fine with us. We have the right to say whatever we please and if you don’t like it to bad it’s America. For the time being we have the right to exercise our freedom of speech unlike other homogenized news sources in the valley not counting the Aspen Daily News.

If you have any opinions you would like to be heard please share them with us. There is a link in the top left hand corner where you can fill out your story. We would love to here from you.   Click here to see this week's review of Tequila’s Family Mexican Restaurant


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    Photo of the Week

    Sunlight Mountain Resort! Ready to Ride!!

    Photo by Malorie Crow

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    Art Gallery Deput

    Roaringfork.bz is happy to announce the debut of the Art Gallery. Local artists of any type are more than welcome here at Roaring Fork Locals Choice. There will be three local artists posted a month. Their information will be posted as well if you are interested in purchasing and/or chatting with your favorite artists. Our first artist is the talented Susan Obermeyer Strauss.

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    Disc Golf

    What is disc golf? It’s a game very similar to ball golf. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole you are throwing a weighted disc into a chained basket. You can find discs at several different locations in the valley.read more...

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    Stuff To Do In Rifle

    Restaurant Menus for GWS

    Artist Susan Obermeyer Strauss

    Extreme Mountain Bike Riding


    Stuff to do in Glenwood Springs




    G-Wood Style

    From Doc Holliday's Trail to
    Boy Scout Trail
    Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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    Darin Binion & Gang

    Please try this at home
    Doc Holliday trail transition to Boy Scout Trail

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    Cat Ninja Unstrung

    The Cat Ninja was spotted again, sitting high on his wire, we were able to get an exclusive interview with the Ninja himself. A local of Glenwood Springs, Leif Colson A.K.A. The Cat Ninja, spends most of his day relaxing on his tight rope. "Slack Lining has been a huge part of my life ever since i was a Kitten, " says the Cat Ninja. He gracefuly walks along his slack line making the most difficult of tricks look seemingly simple...

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    Roaringfork.bz is proud to announce a new artist by the name of David Bills! David Bills was born and raised in Denver, Co and now resides in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. David’s influences come from all different spectrums of music. His all time favorite track is Smile Jamaica and his favorite track on his demo album is “The Bomb” beats provided by Rapitflybeats. David’s plans for the future are to create a full album. Which I’m sure will happen sooner then later. If you’re interested in playing music in a band David would like you to contact him at davidkbills@hotmail.com. Check these tracks out!

    Download David Bill's latest tracks








    Moonlight Ride

    full moon rideWhat is the full moon ride you ask? It’s where all the local bike riders get together and cruise under the moon light of Carbondale. Everybody is welcome and dressing up for the occasion is more than welcome. Costumes, glowing lights and music are the name of the game as well as just having a good time with family and friends.