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Roaringfork.bz is proud to announce a new artist by the name of David Bills! David Bills was born and raised in Denver, Co and now resides in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. David’s influences come from all different spectrums of music. His all time favorite track is Smile Jamaica and his favorite track on his demo album is “The Bomb” beats provided by Rapitflybeats. David’s plans for the future are to create a full album. Which I’m sure will happen sooner then later. If you’re interested in playing music in a band David would like you to contact him at davidkbills@hotmail.com. Check these tracks out!

Track Information


Track 1. Beats by Jusamclody, Song Title: “Rhyme Fellas”

Track 2. Beats by Rickane, Song Title: “Hoe & You Don’t Know"
Featuring Joe Louis

Track 3. Beats by Rapitflybeats, Song Title: “Da Bomb”

Track 4. Beats by Legit Beats, Song Title: “Stroke”

Track 5. Beats by “?”, Song Title: “Moonlight Bliss”
Featuring Richie Green, Bills and Tony Rivas

Track 6. Beats by “?”, Song Title: “Chill”
Featuring Richie Green and Bills

Track 7. Beats by Soriginal (Instrumentals) Song Title: “Dream Girl”

Track 8. Beats by The Unbeatables Song Title: “Averie”


Special Thanks To

Special thanks to David Bills this couldn’t have been put together without Bills, Jusamclody, Rickane, Rapitflybeats, Legit Beats, Richie Green, Tony Rivas, Joe Louis, Soriginal, The Unbeatables and last but not least Soundclick.com